Women's Health

The Nutrition and Wellness Centre specialises in working with peri/menopausal women to optimise their nutrition as well as reviewing other lifestyle factors that can impact our quality of life as our bodies are experiencing this transition. During this time, our bodies experience many physical changes as a result of the hormonal changes taking place within. By understanding how you can fuel your body with the optimum balance of nutrients through your diet, you can have a positive impact on the physical, mental and emotional changes you may be experiencing. We will conduct a nutritional assessment and then work with you to understand how subtle changes to your nutrition can make substantial changes to your overall wellbeing. We will also work with you to identify the other lifestyle factors that can be modified to enhance your every day and ensure that you are living your best life.

Gut Health

The Nutrition and Wellness Centre has a great deal of experience in working with women to improve conditions that may be caused by a disruption to the balance of their gut microbiome. Our gut plays a critical role in our immune health, gastrointestinal function and mental health, so we assess the nutritional composition of our clients’ diets and work to identify modifications that can be made to rebalance the gut microbiome. This has positive outcomes in our clients who have suffered from autoimmune diseases such as hyperthyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis, to gastrointestinal dysfunction such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Weight Management

The Nutrition and Wellness Centre has the knowledge and experience to tailor programs for our clients who have the goal to manage their weight and bring positive change to their lives. When our clients’ weight moves out of the ‘healthy weight range’, it can bring with it a number of other health complications such as Type 2 Diabetes, increased risk of Cardiovascular Disease plus an increased risk for a wide range of cancers and other associated conditions. We work with our clients to assess their current nutritional intake and identify where changes can be made to move towards their weight management goals. We don’t believe in ‘dieting’, but rather making realistic, sustainable changes that our clients will be able to stick to and they become a normal part of life. We also will assess other lifestyle factors that can contribute to our clients’ weight management goals and work with them to identify suitable changes in all areas of their lives.

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